More on Syfy: What else can we rename?



Sorry, I just can’t leave this one alone. I started thinking about the Syfy name change and realized that there are quite a few other channels that could benefit from a new name. Because I’m such a nice guy, I’m going to publish the solutions here. Apologies to Landor — I hope I’m not hurting their chances of turning these folks into new clients.

Remember: the reason’s the folks at Syfy née SciFi said they needed to rebrand was 1) their name was too generic and 2) it was too specific. I still think they were crazy, but here are some other great fixes:

The Food Network should rebrand as Fude or Füd

Lifetime should rebrand as LiveThyme

History should rebrand as HighStory (the stoners would love it)

Travel should rebrand as Tour Ravel

Biography should rebrand as BYO

The Cartoon Network should rebrand as CarTune (although maybe that’s still too generic/specific)

CBS should rebrand as SeeBS (again, maybe still too generic/specific?)

MTV should rebrand as M&M TV or Eminem TV

E! should rebrand as Eee!

I guess if name development was really that easy, anybody could be a naming consultant. (Shhh…don’t tell Landor.)


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