JBC 2.0



“After just 2 1/2 weeks, Jon Blake Cusack 2.0 is up, but probably still not running.

In the digital world, that might be a disaster. But for JBC 2.0, just lifting his head is a feat. He’s the infant with the upgrade at the end of his name born on Jan 27 to Jon Blake Cusack and his wife, Jamie, of Holland, Mich. – and possibly the first child to have such a technological suffix attached to his name.

The boy’s dad, a software designer and self-described “engineering geek,” said the idea for a numeral name came in part from the movie Legend of 1900 by Italian filmmaker Guiseppe Tornatore, which features an orphan protagonist named 1900. Rather than “Junior” or “II” for his offspring, Cusack thought, why not the more cutting-edge “2.0”?” JBC 2.0: A Cutting-Edge Name, For Now, by Christina Santucci, The Baltimore Sun, 2/15/2004

This article has some very fine quotes from members of the American Name Society, of which we are a proud member. I understand the desire to pass along names to children, but as someone with the same name as my mother, I can attest to the fact that it can be darn confusing to the world at large. I’d be very curious to check in with little Jon Blake in about 20 years and see if the “2.0” stuck.


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