If Two Search Engines Collide and No One Is Around to Care, Does it Make a Sound?



Remember when Microsoft made Yahoo! a ridiculously generous buy-out offer and Yahoo! declined the offer? (Doh!) Now we get word that Yahoo! is going to use Microsoft’s Bing to power their searches. Um… Can anything less than a Microsoft takeover of Yahoo! be far behind?

We here at Catchword always like to be forward thinkers. And, with the inevitable merging of these two search powerhouses, we thought we’d put on our thinking caps and get a jump start on the new company name.

(For reference, if you haven’t already seen the futuristic prediction of the merger of Google and Amazon to form GoogleZon, you can check it out here.)

Now, let the Microsoft + Yahoo merger naming begin…

A few of our own ideas include:


Let’s hear your name ideas. Can you beat ours? Yeah, you think so? Okay, prove it!!

Reader submissions:
MooHoo (from Pat)
MY!crosoft – to preserve the real-life aspect ratio between the newly-weds (from Stefan)
BooHoo (from Burt)
BingWho? (from Burt)
YadaBadaBing (from Burt)
But It’s Not Google Yet (from Burt)
Microosoft (a subtle but Borg-like assimilation of the Yahoo! brand — from Patrick)
Ya!Soft! (versus No!Hard! — from Patrick)
BillYang! (two founders, one vision, culturally and linguistically inoffensive — from Patrick)
Microsoft (from Rob)
SoftY! (from Rob)
Bill, Jerry, & David’s Guide to the World Wide Web (from Rob)
MyCahRoSoFT (from Rob)


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