Finding that perfect business name is no easy feat

August 22, 2018
By Ryan Denham



A few years ago, Brandon Leach and Zack Poleto were ready to open their pop-up restaurant in Bloomington, inspired by their favorite dishes from all over the world.

But what to name it?

That, as it turns out, was no easy feat. They did deep dives on Google, looking for a cooking-themed name that popped—one or two syllables—and was not already being used by someone else.

“It wasn’t just sitting down and shooting one out real quick. It was a process of vetting a bunch of cooking terminology,” Leach said. …

A good name means it’s both appropriate and available, said Laurel Sutton, senior strategist, linguist, and co-founder of Catchword, one of the most prominent naming agencies in the world.

“That’s the biggest hurdle that most people face,” Sutton told GLT. “There are so many names out there already. There are hundreds of thousands of trademarks in the U.S. alone. There are millions worldwide. To find the name for your thing that’s not already taken, that’s the hard part.”

Sutton said Catchword takes a very structured, businesslike approach to the products, processes, and businesses it’s hired to name. …

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