Naming a business is no easy task. Renaming a business is exponentially more challenging. Thus, it is with great excitement and pleasure that we announce yet another Catchword success in corporate branding: Daptiv.

Formerly known as eProject, this project management client approached Catchword to help them rename their company. Their need was straightforward: a new name and identity to help position themselves as more than just a project management software firm.

Once the client had defined the goal, we put on our strategic naming caps and presented a selection of unique company names. The name “Daptiv” conveys the ability to be more flexible and adaptive in an ever-changing, fast-paced business environment. After the brand name was finalized, our good friends at Michael Patrick Partners completed the corporate branding process by creating a catchy visual identity.

Congratulations to Daptiv on a successful relaunch of its company name and identity.


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