Cuil not so cool


So putting aside the atrociousness of the name (seriously, this could be the worst company name ever launched), this new “Google-Killer” is not ready for prime time. I had to check it out, what with all the publicity it has received. Alas, the folks at Google can still rest easy. The folks at Cuil aren’t going to threaten their dominance any time soon.

Best part for me: the search for “naming” revealed two hilarious search results —

1) An old press release about Catchword hiring Mark Skoultchi in New York. The result itself was not so funny (if a bit out of date — Mark has been a partner in the firm now for several years). But the photo that they paired with it … priceless. IT’S NOT MARK. In fact, it kind of looks like George Stephanapolous. Random.

2) A reference to my old company, Master-McNeil (who wisely reserved “” an eternity ago). Again, the reference was not so funny, but the photo that went with it was a screen shot of SnarkHunting (another naming company’s blog site). Whoops. How does that happen?

A few friendly words of advice from your neighborhood naming consultant: Change the name, then change the algorithm and start all over again. Can’t do any worse than the first time around, on either count.


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