Catchword in the NY Times



Catchword’s own PR darling Burt Alper was recently featured in a New York Times piece by Stuart Elliott titled On 10th Anniversary, ‘Dianabilia’ Takes Over . The article explores the phenomenon of Diana, and Burt discusses how ‘Diana’ functions as a brand name:

“If you think of her as a product, she was able to accomplish a lot,” said Burt Alper, principal at Catchword Branding, a consulting company in Oakland, Calif. He added, “She was brilliant in reaching out and connecting to her audience in a way every brand would want to do.”

And Diana is “remembered as this young, captivating person, a beautiful princess who passed before her time,” he said. “She did not go through a waning of her popularity and she did not go through the aging process.”

Mr. Alper likened Diana to celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, who have become marketing stalwarts in death because their images are “frozen in time” at what is perceived in retrospect as the high points in their lives.


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