Care For Some Puffed Mice?: #AwfulCereal Meme on Twitter



Yesterday on Twitter someone started a meme called #AwfulCereal. The point was not,  as many people mistakenly thought, to post the name of the cereal you happen to dislike – because honestly, no one cares about that. Really. They don’t.

No, #AwfulCereal was a JOKE meme: you make up the name of a really horrible cereal and post it to make everyone laugh. Additionally, the name should be a play on a current cereal. There’s no laughter in coming up with, say, Dirt Clods for a cereal name, but Puffed Mice (courtesy of the amazing Michael McKean) is hilarious.

I spent 20 minutes scrolling through Twitter to bring you the best of this meme. Enjoy!

Cream of Meat
Special KKK
Porn Flakes
Corn Pox
Chicken Cheerios
Honey Bunches of Goats
Root Loops
Shredded Peat
Captain Crotch
Sugar Crickets
Rice & Beans Crispies
Cinnamon Toe Crunch
Alpha Bits o’ Glass
Puffed Mice
Count Chalkula
Cinnamon Trout Crunch
Shredded Grease
Thorn Pops
Yucky Charms
Ape Nuts
Snooki Crisp
Special Hay
Frosted Fish Flakes
Cream of Skeet
Croup Loops
Apple Tacks
Frosted Mini-Beets

And your contributions are welcome!


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