Band Names



“Don’t worry about the name until you have some killer music written…the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how cool your name is if your music sucks! Similarly, if your music kicks ass I wouldn’t care if your band name was Medonna’s Little Bitch. I’d still buy the CD and proudly crank it up whenever I had the chance!” Quote from the band Mucus Membrane, in “Death to Autumn”, by Rob Harvilla, Easy Bay Express, March 10, 2004

This is a great story about how to name your metal band. Expert advice is offered by members of bands with names like Something Must Die, Death By Death, and Scorched-Earth Policy. The quote above is something I may incorporate into a presentation one day. More good advice from the band Hacksaw to the Throat: “Don’t try to make a cliché poetic hardcore screamo name like Poison the Well or anything involving the following words: ashes, beneath, fallen, autumn, bled, bleeding, darkened, black. If you take this path, you are clearly unoriginal and nothing you will do in your life will have any meaning whatsoever.” Yeah, what he said.

I’d love to name a band. Actually, I thought a really good band name would be the Gerunding Nouns, but nobody but me thought that was funny.


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