All Out: A Name with a Vision



Just the other day I criticized No Labels for being single-messaged, flat, and lacking a sufficient rallying cry. A day later I read about the launch of an organization that got everything right with their name.

All Out is a new group that aims to bring attention to LGBT issues around the world. They want to turn the focus on global gay rights because while we’re busy thinking about gay marriage, ENDA, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, All Out reminds us that:

In 76 countries around the world being LGBT is a crime. In 10, it is legal grounds for life imprisonment—or execution. And in many countries where living openly gay is not considered a crime, assault and murder against LGBT people is on the rise, and LGBT rights are viewed as “special rights” rather than basic human rights.

What I love about the name is how clearly it communicates their vision: Creating a world where one day all gays and lesbians in the world can be out, without fear or violence. In addition, it clearly calls to mind the notion of “going all out” or giving every effort to achieve that goal. A name with such layered messaging is the goal every top naming agency has in mind when they embark on a new naming project. And All Out capitalizes on the “going all out” idea masterfully in their launch video. They filmed people across the world finishing the phrase, “I’m going all out because…” Brilliant.

There’s no doubt that the All Out name is far more layered and communicative than No Labels. It’s also a bold call to action — something that I noted as the biggest weakness of the No Labels name. And All Out paints a positive picture of the future they envision. Needless to say, I’ve already signed up.


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