35 experts share their best advice for naming your business

June 26, 2022
By Kristina Mišić


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Without any doubt, choosing a name for your business is a big decision. Not only it is an extension of your brand but it captures the attention of customers, acts as a powerful force when it comes to your marketing campaigns, helps you create brand awareness, and builds brand loyalty. That is why we asked the experts for their advice when it comes to choosing a brand name for a business. Interested to hear what they said?

Here is the complete study on naming, with all comments and statistics, and below we have highlighted some of the comments that we believe will be of use to you when selecting a name for your business.

“Don’t leave naming (or any other fundamental branding work) to the last minute! It takes time and a process to figure out who you are and how to communicate it. Involve all key stakeholders. Know your audience. Don’t let .com be a hang-up. Don’t get too attached to one name. Trademark screening can be brutal. Choose several candidates. And remember Catchword is here if you need help!”

Erin Milnes, Naming specialist at Catchword Branding


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