Naming Strategy

Organize, don’t agonize. Build a logical, clear, future-proof naming strategy.

All companies, large and small, benefit from a logical, clear, well articulated naming strategy. There are several common objectives: to help organize and add clarity to an existing brand portfolio and design a strategy to inform naming decisions going forward and for future brand introductions.

Catchword’s process includes stakeholder discussions and a comprehensive review of your portfolio of brand names, as well as your competitors’ names. Our research and assessments drive the development of multiple strategy models for consideration, and refinement of a preferred strategy. Oftentimes, our naming strategy work is followed by a naming architecture exercise. A naming architecture is a flexible yet consistent structure for housing all of your brand names that clarifies the relationships between different brands, maximizes your budget (by eliminating unnecessary proprietary names that require expensive marketing), and simplifies future naming efforts.

Finally, protocol are developed that codify the rules for how and when products and services are named in the future. The establishment of protocol ensures that future naming initiatives and decisions are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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