Industry: Nonprofit & Education


New legal education program from LSAC to help first-generation law students succeed

Case Study


Full rebrand, including brand strategy, name, and visual identity, for educational publisher EDC's direct sales division

WomenLift Health

Stanford Global Health initiative to elevate women to positions of leadership in healthcare worldwide

Catalight Foundation

New foundation, born from Easterseals Bay Area, that provides organizations strategy and technology solutions


Renamed Social Interest Solutions (SIS) to reflect its mission to help communities through tech and strategy solutions


Renamed Campus Explorer to highlight its targeted services that help schools reach, enroll, and retain students

PSI True Talent

Cloud-based assessment platform, including more than 500 of the world’s top online assessments for hiring and development

PSI Bridge

Remote proctoring technology that seamlessly connects with any test delivery system and supports every phase of assessment

PSI Dimensions

Comprehensive and customizable platform for test generation, delivery, and reporting

PSI – Testing Excellence

"Testing Excellence," tagline for global testing leader PSI Services

Don’t know your Aphesis from your Euphemism?