Healthcare Naming

Healthcare naming is tricky. Whether it’s a product, service or company, naming in the healthcare space is especially challenging because of how crowded the market is and how many registered trademarks there are. And, if you’re like most of Catchword’s healthcare clients, you have multiple target audiences, including business customers and end-users or patients, not to mention internal audiences, investors, and your executive board. 

The challenge of identifying a name that communicates the essence of your business or product in a way that resonates with so many groups and that’s also available as a trademark (possibly on a global scale) can be daunting.

At Catchword, we get it. And we’re here to help. We’ve got nearly 25 years of healthcare product, service and company naming under our belts. Our agency got its start in 1998, and since then have worked with countless healthcare branding and marketing professionals to name literally scores of brands. Just some of our clients in the healthcare space:

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