Domain Name Services

While trademark clearance can be extremely challenging, securing an exact .com can be even more difficult.

Startups, spinoffs, and renames often require a .com domain, or occasionally, another global top-level domain, also known as a gTLD. Multinational corporations often require the exact URL worldwide—meaning the .com plus potentially dozens of country code domains, otherwise known as ccTLDs.

Beyond creating names with a higher likelihood of domain availability or purchasability, we routinely assist clients with domain acquisition, assessment, and brokering. We keep up to date on the business, trends, and regulations of domain names and attend domain conferences every year.

Not every company needs the exact .com (not sure? see these guidelines), but every company beyond the smallest mom-and-pop should have a domain name. Catchword can help.

Domain Name Availability & Counsel
Our domain-name availability services include the following:

  • Search to determine .com availability of name candidates and assessment of purchasability
  • Determination of market value via comparables and negotiation strategy
  • Development of common mistypings and suggestions of alternate spellings that should be registered for forwarding to your site
  • Development of descriptors to add to your name if the exact .com is not available
  • Counsel on whether gTLDs should be purchased

Domain Name Brokering
We can also help with the acquisition of your new domain. For unregistered domains, we can guide you through purchase and registration. If you wish to acquire a domain that is already registered, we may assist you or refer you to one of our expert domain name broker partners.


Erin Milnes (A88) loves to create new words.

Not words to be added to the dictionary, but brand names for new products and companies.

Milnes is the creative director for Catchword Branding in Oakland, California. The company has named more than 1,000 products for hundreds of clients over the past two decades. Milnes has been creative director for two-and-a-half years.

Erin Milnes (A88) uses the language skills she acquired at St. John’s College in her work as creative director of Catchword Branding.

Milnes leans heavily on the language skills she acquired at St. John’s—translating Greek and studying French—as she creates new brand names for clients. She used those skills in previous jobs during her 25-year communications career, too.

“The translating we did (at St. John’s) gave rise to a higher level thinking about language,” she says.

Milnes works with businesses in every sector, from technology startups in nearby Silicon Valley to automotive, lifestyle and food and beverage companies. Catchword’s clients include Corning, Starbucks, Walgreens and Wells Fargo.

Companies often come to Catchword when they haven’t been able to create brand names on their own.

“A brand name is a very, very short story,” Milnes says. “It’s a handle, an avatar, a vessel for your audience’s relationship with you. It is a powerful tool that can resonate with (or turn off) the people you want to reach.”

Full story       Catchword's Erin Milnes profiled by St. John's College

Erin Milnes (A88) loves to create new words.

Not words to be added to the dictionary, but brand names for new products and companies.