Creative Naming Services

These days, name candidates must meet unprecedented requirements before launch:

  • trademark and domain-name availability
  • linguistic and cultural acceptability
  • consensus among multiple decision-makers

Oh, and don’t forget each name must creatively express brand essence in a way that’s magnetic, distinctive, concise, and long-lasting!

To ensure our clients clear these hurdles, Catchword has developed a naming process of best practices at every step:

  • Immersion: Our upfront meetings ensure immersive understanding of business objectives and elicit hard-to-articulate name preferences.
  • Creative: During name development, we create a staggering number of candidates, covering every viable name message, construction, and tonality (because sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it).
  • Screening: Our linguistics and preliminary trademark screening phases are equally comprehensive.

From the moment you engage Catchword to final name selection our team is focused on guiding you toward creative solutions that surprise and excite you and that are ownable and protectable as trademarks. Whether we’re developing a product name, a company name, or a tagline, or brand copy, we want you to be wowed. As in, wow! that’s an awesome idea! and wow! that’s available as a trademark?!

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