Whole New Name for Whole Foods – A PopNamer.com Name Game


Many of us have a love/hate relationship with Whole Foods. They make the food-shopping experience so soothing and upscale, spa-like even. We can rely on them for carrying top-of-the-line wares—the greenest and the cleanest!—and providing friendly and learned customer service, along with delectable prepared foods. But we pay for that privilege dearly; indeed the successful store is popularly known as “Whole Paycheck.”

Fresher food for all! That’s a rally cry we can stand behind, but can the Whole Foods brand “stretch” that much without diluting itself?  Only time will tell if there’s enough appetite for this spread.

So, what would you name this new venture? So far, some creative minds have concocted:

  • Half Paycheck
  • Hole Foods
  • Easier to Digest
  • Simply Whole Foods
  • WF Essence
  • Soul Foods

Let’s see what you got. Visit PopNamer.com to vote for your food faves or cook up some of your own.


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