Watch Out for the Storm of Weathermen Coming Your Way: Twittermeme #CollectiveNouns


I came upon a new Twittermeme called #CollectiveNouns this week. I love this one because it makes me giggle in the same way that oxymorons do (I still can’t think of the words “jumbo shrimp” without smiling).

Here are some of my favorites:

A pack of smokers
A school of teachers
A stream of urologists
A band of elastics
a _____ of mime artists
a knot of string theorists
a deficit of economists
a chorus of singers
a brimful of hats
a storm of weathermen
a brothel of lobbyists
a block of writers
a coven of ex-wives
a league of justices
a well of disease

Got one of your own? Add it in a comment and we’ll tweet it!


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