Unlocking Technology Insights with Keysight: Agilent’s New Baby


Today Agilent unveiled the name for the electronic measurement company it will spin off later this year, and it’s one of ours: Keysight Technologies.

Naming a company spinoff like this is always an interesting challenge for us. In addition to the usual naming considerations (such as fit to brand, memorability, etc.) we typically want the new name to be as different as possible from the parent company’s name, to reinforce the new company’s separate identity.

Not only that, but in the case of an international giant like Agilent, in addition to a name that conveys the right messaging and tonality, you also want one that will work globally—linguistically, as well as from a trademark and domain standpoint. And appeal to multiple stakeholders.

In Agilent’s case, this meant developing over 5,000 names exploring different themes, constructions, and approaches. After many rounds of selection (and elimination), Keysight emerged the winner.

Keysight contrasts sharply with the coined Latinate name Agilent and its formal, traditional tonality, helping to establish the new company’s distinct and independent identity. A compound of two short English words, Keysight has a clear, crisp sound and straightforward meaning that creates an impression of modernity and incisiveness.

The company’s name also showcases a key differentiator: a portfolio of forward-looking test and measurement products that unlock the insights needed to solve the thorniest engineering problems and stay innovative in an era of constant technological change.

It was a tricky and thrilling naming challenge, and we wish the new company much success!