The Big Picture: Working Together Creatively


The phrase “working together” took on new meaning for us this week when we all came together to create this painting during our company retreat. We started with no rules about how we were going to go about it. Yet the process turned out to be amazingly collaborative. Some of the things we learned:

  • All of us are creative. (Job titles notwithstanding.)
  • Building on each other’s work creates a much richer result than going solo.
  • If you just go with the flow instead of trying to “be creative,” there’s a lot of serendipity.
  • Nothing fans creativity like being enthusiastic about each other’s contributions.
  • When you’re in a spirit of “yes,” there are no mistakes; just experimentation.
  • Looking at the same picture from different angles changes everything—and inspires new ideas.
  • We can express our individuality while creating something cohesive by focusing on the big picture.
  • If you’re looking for a neat way to increase collaboration in your own firm, you might want to try this exercise sometime, and see what your own takeaways are. It’s fun! (Remember to bring drop cloths.)


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