Mark Skoultchi

August 29, 2013

TiVo’s back. No, really. The company that turned an unproven value proposition—prerecording TV shows—into a brand behemoth announced its first major release in 3+ years. TiVo, (un)originally named Teleworld, shipped its first DVR box in March 1999. It used the power of brand to sell its product as a distinct experience, differentiating itself through an […]

Mark Skoultchi

March 3, 2009

I love Mental Floss — Everyone should read it. They ran a fun naming piece yesterday on the origins of eight high-tech brand names. The brand names origins they illuminate include: TiVo, Bluetooth, Hulu, Blackberry, Wii, Wikipedia, Asus (um, what?), and Prius. The post is a fun one, giving origin stories that savvy name aficionados […]

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