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Erin Milnes

April 7, 2016

The past two weeks we’ve been touring some of the most common name styles for tech companies and products. There are many flavors of tech names. First we looked at simple metaphor, invented spelling, and custom capitalization through the lens of South by Southwest Interactive 2016. Last time we talked about eponymous names and classic compounds We’ll round […]

Erin Milnes

March 31, 2016

We had so much fun walking through a few notable name styles from South by Southwest Interactive 2016, that we’re back for more! Company and product names can be grouped into several general styles, including simple metaphor, invented spelling, and custom capitalization, which we discussed last week. But these aren’t the only ways to build a name. Eponymous […]

Erin Milnes

March 24, 2016

Yesterday we embraced the Monosyllabic Metaphors of South by Southwest Interactive 2016. Today we move on to Funky Spelling and Curious Capitalization.

Erin Milnes

March 22, 2016

South by Southwest Interactive has been the place to launch your cool new company and see the latest trends in tech for 23 years (SXSW music and film has been going strong for 30). Whether you still love it or think it’s jumped the shark, the festival remains a big deal for startups and tech […]

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