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Alex Kelley

October 22, 2015

YouTube just revealed the name of their new ad-free, paid subscription service: YouTube Red.  Eponymous of their eminently recognizable color scheme, I presume. But this namer who shall remain nameless couldn’t help but observe that, well, YouTube Red bears a striking resemblance to a well-known website of the adult variety, RedTube, which Alexa ranks as […]

Laurel Sutton

October 6, 2011

Way back in the dark ages of 2007, we reviewed the name Kindle in the very pages of this blog. At the time, we weren’t in love with the name, although we did point out that as a verb, it’s active and suggests exciting or arousing an interest in books. It also suggests illuminating the […]

Mark Skoultchi

June 30, 2010

This item was originally published on June 24th, 2010 at Fast Company. I don’t have an iPad yet, but I really really want one. Well, I don’t know if I want an iPad per se, since I have an iPhone already (and really, isn’t the iPad a giant iPhone that doesn’t make calls? But that’s […]

Mark Skoultchi

January 28, 2010

The media is awash with criticisms of Apple’s new name: iPad. Now, no one expected the product itself to be a technological flop. Apple just doesn’t flop anymore (well, not for a long time anyway). So the only thing left to criticize is their name choice. (CNN has really jumped on the pad = maxipad […]

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