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Mark Skoultchi

February 3, 2009

This post was conceived during the recent State of Green Business Forum yesterday in San Francisco. Great conference, BTW. I recommend it to folks who are looking to hear about green business from folks in the trenches. Despite the success of the conference, one subject kept nagging at me. I am a naming specialist by […]

Burt Alper

October 20, 2008

Farms can reap big dividends in profits and consumer loyalty with strategic naming. Sierra Schlesinger smiles easily while selling two pounds of shelling beans at the farmers’ market in Berkeley, California. “People know us as the dirty girls – even Joe (the farmer) gets tagged as one although he bristles a little at that….They remember […]

Maria Cypher

March 17, 2008

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, Catchword’s naming leprechauns have been busy compiling statistics on Green names and implications for marketers. It seems everyone’s jumping on the green brandwagon. Trademark filings incorporating “green” jumped 143% between 2006 and 2007, versus under 5% for “red” and “blue.” Clorox’s recent introduction of Green Works, a line of […]

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