Siffy to Offer Free Wiffy in NYC: “WyFy from SyFy”


My least favorite re-brand of the year (SciFi –> SyFy) is scheduled to go live with their massive blunder on July 7th. And, it seems that the folks at Siffy (my not-so-adoring nickname for SyFy) are well aware that their name sucks and people hate it. So, they’re trying to get all the geeks out there in Manhattan to love them for different reasons. Siffy will be offering free WyFy in Times Square and Union Square.

Yes, you read that right. They will be offering free WyFy, dubbed “WyFy from SyFy.” Here’s what I imagine the conversation between Landor and the SciFi exec must have looked like:

SciFi exec: Dude, Landor man, you guys effed us over royally. People hate this new name. Fix it. We’ve spent too much money on this launch to turn back now. I don’t care what you do, just fix it!!

Landor: We understand and we’re on top of it. And, boy howdy, do we ever have the answer for you. We’re going to give you a free new name and a free slogan to help promote the new SyFy name.

SciFi exec: (Arms crossed) Free, you say? Alright, let’s hear it…

Landor: After spending weeks conducting focus groups at comic book conventions, analyzing the results, and jotting down dozens of new name and slogan ideas on the back of some napkins, we came up with an amazing new name to pair with SyFy. Think about it: What rhymes with SyFy?

SciFi exec: (Shakes head) I don’t even want to guess…

Landor: The answer is WiFi! WiFi, SciFi. Get it? And so, check this out. You guys should offer free WiFi in select locations. Because, you know, the geeks who watch your channel are on the internet. And they’d love to get some free WiFi. And, it stands to reason, they’d then love you in return.

SciFi exec: Okay, we’re listening. We can see this has some potential…

Landor: So check this out. The new name we spent weeks coming up with is… Drumroll please (strums thumbs on desk) WyFy! And the slogan for this campaign will be WyFy from SyFy.

(SciFi exec laughs, thinking it’s a joke. Notices the look of complete seriousness on Landor’s face. SciFi exec stops laughing. A blank look of dumbfounded disbelief spreads across SciFi exec’s face.)

SciFi exec: Oh, you’re serious? Right. I suppose I did say “I don’t care what you do… just to fix it.” Okay, so… what do we have to lose, right?! Sure, do whatever. (Stands up and walks out of room shaking head)

Landor: Another grand slam. We’re so awesome! (Turns and high-fives other Landor team members)


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