Naming Tip #5: Know your target audiences


You’ll always have multiple audiences for your product or company name. At the very least you have your customers and your internal staff (from CEO to Admin Assistant). And at the very most, you may have a diverse and multi-tiered customer base to consider, a board of directors, industry analysts, etc.

But it’s crucial that you identify the single most important audience for your new name. This is likely to include some element of your customer base – the people you do business with. For this reason, try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes; live a day in their life. What’s the most important aspect of your business to them? What naming message is going to appeal most to them? What naming styles are going to fall flat for them?

Don’t be blinded by your personal preferences. Remember that it’s not always about what you like, but what is going to get your customers to notice and engage with the new name.

This is part five in a ten-part CatchThis series. Check back every Monday morning for subsequent naming tips. Check out previous Naming Tips here.


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