Just Shop, No Sweat! Name Review of Amazon Dash


Dash—the newest tech from Amazon—is a wand for restocking your home’s essentials, anything from fruit to bread, batteries to paper towels. First, scan the   packaging of whatever you need with the Dash’s barcode reader or dictate  your wishlist of sundries into the device’s mic. Then when you’re ready, press a button to send your requests into the ether, and a dashing AmazonFresh delivery person will bring everything to your door.

Dash of course means to move quickly, but beyond that it has some great, subtler connotations. It sounds light and almost effortless, as opposed to “run” or “sprint,” which sound like they involve work. Dash can connote urgency, but doesn’t contain the negativity or frustration of “rush” and “hurry.”  (Coincidentally, Uber just launched a courier service called UberRush—but as their service is for pressing transport of items, Rush totally works for them.) Dash is what you do through the snow, on a one horse open sleigh! Or, it’s what good ole Rex does around the yard—and just look at the smile on his face!

One might note that dash has other meanings, including that of hurling an object against something else, or crashing (the child dashed the plate against the wall, the skiff dashed upon the rocks). But, those definitions are secondary and feels a little antiquated, and honestly, no consumer is really going to care. It won’t be the first thing they think of, and after all, the word Amazon (with all it’s glorious brand equity) is attached to the name, and Amazon has forever been about convenience, not destruction.

Well, that’s that. As with the rest of their naming work, they make it look easy.

Grade A-

Final Grade:



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