Just Name It! Catchword’s Comprehensive Naming Guide


Anyone who has tried to name something will tell you, naming can be a battle, a chore, a quagmire, or all three. But here at Catchword, 16+ years in the industry has allowed us to develop a process that gets results, regardless of whatever trademark hurtles, subjective reactions, domain name requirements, indecision, and looming deadlines threaten to interfere. We worship the process because we know that its the only surefire way to arrive at a successful name.

And we would like to share our process with you. For the benefit of all namers and those aspiring to name, Catchword wrote Just Name It, where we detail the naming process in its entirety. Take a look! We just refreshed it to make sure it was as up-to-date as possible. In Just Name It, we walk you through every step it takes to arrive at a successful name, including (but not limited to) brand naming strategy, creative directions, brainstorming tactics, trademark/availability screening, final name decision-making, and even tips for the name launch and beyond. Happy Naming!


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