I’ve Got a New Company Name – Now What? Part 5


Clients often ask us, “Now that I have a new company name, what’s next?” There’s still much to do, from announcing your name internally and externally to handling legal and administrative details. Catchword has developed a document called “Launching Your New Company Name” to help guide you through key elements of the process.

Here are a few excerpts from the section on Technology. You can download the whole thing in PDF form here.

Once you’ve changed your company name, don’t forget to:

  • Register the new domain name with your company’s registrar (e.g., Network Solutions, GoDaddy, Register.com, etc.).
  • Register close variants and potential misspellings of the new domain name, and have them redirect to the new site.
  • Update email addresses to your new domain, and have old email addresses forward.

If you find you need professional help, give us a call. We have strong relationships with firms that specialize in highly effective name launches.

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