I Squid You Not


As an amateur guitar player, I get lots and lots of guitar-related emails from descriptively named outfits like Guitar Instructor.com, Guitar Edge, Guitar Center, etc.

So it was with a little chuckle that I opened my first-ever email from GuitarSquid, “a website that pulls all of the guitar news you can stomach into one convenient and hilarious source.” Immediate reaction: guess someone couldn’t get their first-choice domain name (or first hundred).

But wait, they have an explanation for the name. Something about the squid’s ability to “reach and grab things from far and near with ease.” Sounds a bit retrofitted to moi, but you gotta appreciate that these squidly guitar folks don’t take themselves too seriously.

Plus, there’s the awesome GuitarSquid logo, which really reminds me of how I feel when I play guitar! It’s an all-thumbs, 3-4 arms, multi-tentacle kind of feeling. I’m not sure Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck will relate, but it sure works for me.

So, squid … squid … uh-huh, it’s growing on me. Why the messaging could really work for so many of our clients: the concepts of reach, multiplicity, uniqueness, depth, fluidity, speed! In fact, I’d try to launch a squid naming site, but I see that I’m too late.

My favorite of these is SquidSquid, wherein you find your giant squid name. For the record, mine is “ravenous maria the engulfer” though given my height, I think I’d go for Squirt.


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