Guest Post at Domain Name Advice: A How-To Guide


Hop on over to Domain Name Advice to read the blog I wrote about business names and domains. It’s a quick how-to guide that will tell you what you need to know about creating, checking, and registering domain names for your business. Here’s an excerpt:

Back in the old days of naming, before the Internet was invented, all you needed to worry about was making sure your product or company name was legally available – that you could trademark it. Apple, as an arbitrary name for a computer company, was easy to trademark – but they didn’t even register until 1987.

Many clients who come to Catchword needing a new name want the exact .com domain too. Most of the time we can deliver, by coming up with unique names like Altegrity, Crazy 8, or Vudu. But sometimes, like with the Palm Pre, the exact domain isn’t necessary – Palm didn’t need, and were happy to use while the product was on the market. But how do you know when you need it, and which kind of domain is necessary?

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