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Erin Milnes

December 25, 2018

Laurel Sutton, co-founder of professional naming company Catchword, says that names given for publicity or prizes rarely stick. And without an official sponsorship, a brand might not want the attention of having a baby named after it.

Erin Milnes

November 16, 2018

“When they come up with a name like National Landing, it is not to serve the needs of the people who live there, it’s to serve the needs of the developer,” said Laurel Sutton, one of the founders of Catchword, a California naming and branding consultant.

Erin Milnes

October 10, 2018

“He [came] up with a name that promotes his own ideology: Which in this case is ‘America First.’ So if it’s going to be an agreement, he’s gotta put the U.S. first over and above everybody,” Sutton said.

Payal Jambusaria

October 2, 2018

Can you tell us about how your service or product helps deliver value to your customers? Because Just The Word is part of Catchword (ranked as the #1 naming firm in the world), the domains we sell are truly creative and appropriate for startups and others interested in affordable brandables. Our names aren’t a random bunch of gobbledegook letters. Twenty years of work on hundreds of projects for blue-chip clients has resulted in an unmatched pool of domain names.

Erin Milnes

June 7, 2018

Erin Milnes (A88) loves to create new words. Not words to be added to the dictionary, but brand names for new products and companies.

Erin Milnes

February 28, 2018

…We worked on a name with (the naming agency) Catchword. We also wanted people to know that while we were creating something new, our offerings…social innovation, data-driven solutions, virtualization technology…were going to come with us and be a key part of our strategy.

Erin Milnes

August 23, 2017

With two decades in the name game behind her, co-founder of Catchword, Maria Cypher, has christened countless products … She takes us through the process of finding the perfect name for yours.

Erin Milnes

July 24, 2017

Silicon Valley puts an incredible amount of thought into naming their products and services, and is especially careful when it comes to naming new brands, subsidiaries, or start-ups.

Erin Milnes

July 19, 2017

… “The notion that namers are hippies and poets jotting down names on cocktail napkins couldn’t be farther from the truth,” says Mark Skoultchi, a partner at Catchword, the agency that named the Fitbit Flex and Force and Starbucks’s Refreshers line….

Erin Milnes

July 14, 2017

…The budget for a naming project can range from $6,000 up to six figures, according to Maria Cypher, creative director of Catchword Branding, which works with both startups and global corporations. …