From Accenture to Wawa—Namers name the names they wish they had thought of

By Alan Brew

July 20, 2021

In the noisy and often contentious land of branding, there is a community of elite specialists who work in studied tranquility as they apply themselves with monk-like devotion to their task.

This is the domain of Professional Namers, the linguistic storm troopers of branding. They are summoned at a moment’s notice to create names for things – products, technologies, small businesses, global corporations, places. Anything that needs a name. They work collaboratively, often anonymously, and usually against impossible deadlines. …

It set me thinking – are there any names produced by others that namers actually admire? To find out, we invited them to name the names they wish they had thought of. And here’s what came back. …

Laurel Sutton

“I love Twitter, and always have. It’s perfect for what the service started out to be (no matter what it’s become). It whimsically conjures up users sharing short little bursts of information (like birds twittering in a tree)—as well as excitement (‘all atwitter.’) It’s extendable, too: tweets and tweeps and twitpics. How often does a real English word capture the spirit of a product so well?” …

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