Clutch Announces the 2021 Leading B2B Firms In San Francisco

By Staff

June 29, 2021

B2B market research authority Clutch recognized the top 250 B2B firms in San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of the world’s most important tech hubs. With a GDP of $501 billion, it is one of the largest economies in the US.

The 250 companies on this list specialize in branding, advertising, video production, design, web development, and many others.

In order to identify Leader Awards winners, Clutch evaluates a company’s services, past clients, and brand reputation. This process aims to determine a company’s industry expertise and ability to deliver.

“San Francisco is a leading area for tech firms all over the world,” said Clutch Sales Development Representative Nicole Schlabach. “These companies represent the best providers not only in The Golden City, but in the global marketplace. Despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, these leaders displayed resilience, innovation, and excellence.”

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