Vudu, Vudu Everywhere!

By Mark Skoultchi

October 30, 2007

We love to see press coverage of the company and product names we’ve created. We were especially excited to see Vudu, a great example of our new product naming prowess, pop up in the news over and over recently. Not only was this corporate branding and product branding project fun to work on, but the technology thrilled us.

I noticed in the Macworld article that Vudu is now the proud owner of As naming specialists, we are often asked to present company names that have available exact dot-com URLs. This is no small task when naming a business, especially naming a technology start-up. A four-letter exact dot-com with a CVCV construction is nearly impossible to come across these days. We have no doubt that will be invaluable to the success of this promising technology brand.

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