LOLCats stealing domains

By Laurel Sutton

September 7, 2007

No, not really, but Wired is using this pic for their story and I liked it.

A Nevada man pleaded guilty Thursday to his plotting to steal domain names URLs from their legitimate owners by impersonating a California intellectual property lawyer and send threatening letters to domain name owners in hopes of convincing them to turn over the domains to him.
Las Vegas resident David Scali registered the email address [email protected] in 2006 and then, pretending to be a real Califonia lawyer (whose intials are K.Y.C.), threatened domain name owners with $100,000 trademark infringement suits, unless they transferred the domains within 48 hours.

He only hooked one domain owner, fortunately. The lesson, as always, is to beware of email that demands you do something with your domains NOW!, whether it’s turning them over to someone else, renewing with a different registrar, or listing them in a directory. And be especially careful when the email comes from someone with a Netzero email address. Bozo.

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