Dot-com names get dottier

By Mark Skoultchi

August 29, 2007

One might think Catchword recently participated in a press junket, what with all the great articles on naming we’ve been quoted in lately.

The latest example of Catchword offering it’s unique opinion on naming is in today’s LA Times piece titled Dot-com names get dottier. Once again, our very own Burt Alper offers his sage opinion on dot-com naming and brand naming issues:

“Old-school ideas about sounding trustworthy or sounding big are not as important as they used to be,” said Burt Alper, co-founder of Catchword Branding in Oakland, which has helped companies pick such names as Vudu (makes a device for watching videos) and Promptu (creates voice-recognition products). “Now, it’s about sounding different and standing out from the crowd.”

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