AB InBev SABMiller Merger Name Game


Hi folks. As you may know, the beer world has fermented a fusion. AB InBev and SABMiller, the two largest brewers in the world, reached an agreement on a merger. AB InBev gave them the old ‘there ain’t room in this bar for the both of us, here’s $104 billion.’ And if the deal goes through, one in three of the world’s beers will be sold by the new megabrewery. To boot, this merger would combine two nearly-unpronounceable, acronym-name hybrids into one tipsy-turvy behemoth. Certainly they can’t just smash the already awkward names together, and as our fearless partner Mark Skoultchi said in Reuters, “A sure fire way to create friction among a newly unified employee population is to tip your hat to one of their businesses and heritage but not the other.”

That being said, which it was, do you have any ideas for what to call this new company cocktail? Suggest names and vote for your favorites at www.PopNamer.com!


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