A Natural Beauty: OS X Yosemite Name Review


Well, that just makes perfect sense.

That was my reaction upon hearing the name of Apple’s newest operating system, “Yosemite.” (As you probably recall, they switched their naming protocol from Big Cats to Inspiring Californian Geography with the introduction of OS X Mavericks last year.) Yosemite works elegantly on all accounts: it sticks to the new protocol as an easily spelled, iconic natural feature of California, and it doesn’t take a naming expert or camping enthusiast to see that Yosemite evokes a gamut of great qualities—excitement, beauty, adventure, wonder, strength, grace, history, legacy, and fun, to name quite a few.

In fact, the positive connotations of Yosemite are considerably more obvious than those of Mavericks, which had baggage to overcome in the form of less recognition outside of the surf community, a somewhat unexpected plural, and a namesake NBA team. All of which make me wonder why Yosemite wasn’t used to usher in the new protocol in the first place, but I guess now that is beside the point.

Yosemite in all its glory is arriving this fall with a plethora of new features…though no word yet as to whether Apple will employ a certain rootin’ tootin’ prospector by the name of Sam as their spokesperson. Giddy-up!

Grade: A+

Final Grade:



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