10 Naming Tips – A CatchThis Series


Catchword has been in the naming business for ten years, and its founders even longer than that! Consequently, Catchword has accumulated a wealth of experience about the right and wrong ways to conduct a naming project. We know it’s tough for our clients: Budget constraints, ever-changing deadlines, and fickle managerial whim all make it difficult to run a smooth marketing or branding project. To make matters even more complicated, naming is often an ad hoc need for which you may not have planned.

That’s where Catchword comes in. We’re here to make your life a little bit easier. Just to show you how helpful we can be, we thought we would offer some key bits of advice before a naming project drops in your lap. The following series covers a host of naming tips based on questions that our clients ask us regularly. What better way to facilitate a smooth naming process than to answer some of your questions in advance? The more information you have, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes time to name your company or name your product!

Find our first weekly tip below, and check back every Monday morning for the next couple of months for subsequent naming tips.

Naming Tip #1) Use a specialized naming firm.

Everyone thinks she or he is an expert at naming; most are mistaken. Even though you named your pet beagle Darwin, that doesn’t mean you have all the necessary tools to create a powerful and lasting brand. Beyond the fresh creative perspective necessary to generate great names, you also need naming-specific knowledge on how to guide the process smoothly. And let’s not forget about dealing with the challenging psychology of picking a final name.

Dedicated naming specialists are prepared for all of these twists and turns. They do this type of work day-in and day-out, 365 – 24/7. Even the bigger branding firms who include naming in their list of capabilities can’t claim to be devoted naming experts. You wouldn’t trust your heart transplant to a general practitioner, would you? Of course not. Trust the specialists. Hire a naming firm with a smart creative outlook, and a track record for launching successful, eye-catching names.

Choosing a specialized naming firm will help you in the long run. They are certain to present options you would have never come up with on your own. These exciting names are also likely to have a higher degree of legal and domain availability than ones you come with on your own. Additionally, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that the experts are taking this project off your plate, while you focus on other important tasks on your to-do list.


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