Vincent Fatato

Founder, GreyBox Creative

Vincent is the founder and president of GreyBox Creative. Vincent is in charge of business development and managing the creative, technology and online marketing sides of the business. Prior to GreyBox, Vincent founded Synergy Graphix, Inc. a graphic design business focused on providing branding and marketing materials for many of the top Hedge Fund managers in the United States. He served as the president since its inception in September of 1996 until January 2008, when he sold Synergy to a software company in Canada.

Prior to Mr. Fatato’s business ventures, he also worked as a digital image specialist at Electronic Color Imaging and co-developed the color-retouching department at Lord & Taylor. Mr. Fatato earned a B.F.A. from (RIT) Rochester Institute of Technology in 1992, majoring in graphic design with a concentration in environmental studies.