Katy Steinmetz

Project & Creative Director

Katy is an award-winning journalist who formerly served as the San Francisco bureau chief for TIME. In addition to writing cover stories and riding on Air Force One (nbd!), the pride of her career was penning a column about language for several years. Joining Catchword in 2020 allowed Katy to take her word-nerdery to the next level. So far, she’s contributed to creative efforts for TikTok, ThermoFisher, WellPet, and Avery Dennison, among others.

Katy studied English literature at Columbia University and art history at the University of Edinburgh, which inevitably led to her making a casual joke about ennui the other day. She also earned a master’s in journalism from the University of Missouri, where ennui did not come up as much.

Katy is also a children’s book author and adjunct professor at Northern Arizona University. When work is done, she loves to hike, take photos, and go on overland adventures with her family in their kitted-out Ford Transit.