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A trusted vendor to more than 6,000 advisors and finance giants such as T Rowe Price and TD Ameritrade, FeeX was originally conceived as a fee analysis solution provider (the name comes from fee x-ray). In 2018, it launched an OMS (order management system) that enables advisors to trade clients’ held away assets (401ks, IRAs, HSAs, etc.) without triggering custody, a limitation that had long made it impractical for advisors to actively manage those assets. The new approach empowers both advisors and their clients, with greater access, visibility, and control—all leading to better returns and a more secure retirement. The company tapped Catchword to create a new name that expresses who the company is now while being open enough to encompass a range of possible evolutions. The exact dot-com was strongly preferred. We delivered on every front. Pontera means “will build a bridge” in French, stemming from the Latin root, pont (“bridge”). The name instantly conveys to an international audience the company’s fundamental offering, something that will never change: the bridges it builds between investors and a better retirement, between advisors and clients, and between institutions and advisors. The new brand launched in early 2022, securing $80M in new investment (led by the Catchword-named Lightspeed Venture Partners).

Pontera (formerly FeeX)
Pontera (formerly FeeX)
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