credit union renaming

Renaming an 80-year-old credit union

Since its founding in 1943, the Tulsa Federal Credit Union has grown from six to 56,000 members, expanded its service to areas outside of Tulsa, and opened up membership to non-governmental employees. Needless to say, the organization had outgrown its name in just about every way and needed a new, more inclusive name to better reflect its expanded service area and membership profile.

WeStreet, the name Catchword created and recommended, provides much greater flexibility and underscores the organization’s focus on local ties, collective values, and financial harmony—business objectives it will maintain no matter how large it becomes or where it does business. Lastly, and conveniently, the word “Street” evokes the streets that make up our neighborhoods, our financial Main Streets, and the shared paths that we all travel in life.

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