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Tech giant Hitachi saw a tremendous opportunity to create value for customers by merging existing subsidiaries into a new business dedicated to data-driven solutions. The new company would combine the expertise of Hitachi Data Systems (data center infrastructure), Hitachi Insights Group (internet of things), and Pentaho (analytics). Hitachi Vantara, the new entity named by Catchword, provides storage solutions for enterprises and midsize companies, offering full coverage of big data and its applications.

Although Hitachi had a history of descriptive naming, Catchword recommended a suggestive name to signal a departure from the past and to allow the company to expand in new directions. Vantara recalls the advantage offered to customers, as well as the company’s unique vantage point on data. The name, not tied to specific business territories, allows the company to easily pivot and provide new offerings.

Since its launch in 2017, the company has seen exceptional growth, with more than 80% of Fortune Global 100s turning to Vantara solutions. Its worldwide customer base includes companies ranging from Allergan and Cargill to BMW Group, Eurostar, and China Telecom.

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“Working with Hitachi Vantara and its portfolio of data-driven technologies, we can continue to take our guests on unbelievable adventures, delivering consistently outstanding experiences for every guest, every time.”

Trevor Larsen | Exec VP, Facilities & Operations Services, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products

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