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Commercial Insurance.Net (CINET) began when the internet was young and shopping for insurance online was new (hence the very web-driven name)—to this day the company is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states. However, its business model pivoted several years ago when it sold the insurance side of the business to focus more heavily on lead generation. CINET now is recognized as one of the industry’s best lead generators for small and medium businesses looking for insurance.

CINET engaged Catchword to rebrand the business to help achieve its ultimate goal: to deliver services, including insurance, loans, payroll and more, to small and medium businesses, especially those with unique needs who often had difficulties finding these services from other more traditional companies.

CINET had long been known as the company who had the expertise and connections to say “yes” when their competitors seemed unfamiliar with the word. The company was committed to serving customers and helping their businesses thrive. “Yes” leads to success, an idea that became the foundation for the positioning we developed: Success as a Service.

We explored this idea extensively during name development. Because the company helps customers build success actively, creatively, adaptively, positively, and effectively, of more than 2,000 names, Tivly became the clear choice. It instantly conveys all these concepts in a streamlined, modern way.

For visual identity design, we considered more than a dozen concepts, including some that gave a nod to the CINET brand, but determined that a complete break from the past would best serve the brand’s new life. The logo combines a simple symbol with a clean, modern sans serif typeface. The symbol speaks most to the idea of connection, and Tivly’s ability to be a conduit—almost a lifeline—between customers and those who can help. Further, the symbol is comprised of three parts: two smile shapes of the same color, bridged by a third element that references partnership.

Tivly (formerly Commercial Insurance.Net)
Tivly (formerly Commercial Insurance.Net)
Finance & Professional
Visual Identity, Positioning, Company Naming

Weaving it all together

Positivly WONDERFUL 

A short, fun, and memorable invented name derived from the word positively, Tivly speaks directly to the “Yaysayers” Brand Pillar (developed as part of our positioning work for the company), emphasizing the client's ability to say yes when others say no, while also referring to their positivity and willingness to get things done. Further, the name projects a playful and approachable personality while still communicating tech-forward.

“The deliverables often include presentations that do a fantastic job of summarizing the topic(s) covered. There is clearly a lot of branding expertise and processes that have been fully optimized through experience. They were pros!”

General Manager | Tivly

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