Company naming strategy

Company naming strategy

With over 50,000 employees in 20 different countries, TELUS International is a global leader in digital customer experience and IT solutions. A subsidiary of TELUS, a Canadian provider of internet, voice, and entertainment services, TELUS International was considering ways to use naming to distinguish itself from its parent, to avoid potential confusion between the two organizations, mitigate associations with telecom services, and better reflect the service space it operates in. Catchword was engaged to assess the current name and descriptor (i.e. International), imagine different approaches to minimizing confusion with its parent and highlighting its own business focus, and make formal naming strategy recommendations. In addition, and as part of the exercise, our team developed a range of alternatives to “International,” including real word descriptors such as “Strategies,” “Systems,” and “Digital” and initialisms such as BPX (Business Process Experiences), DX (Digital Experiences), and HX (Human Experiences).
TELUS International
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