LED lighting and intelligent cooling systems for premium refrigerators

Appliance feature naming

Sub-Zero has been a leader in refrigeration since founder Westye Bakke built the first freestanding freezer in 1943. With the acquisition of Wolf (stoves) and Cove (dishwashers), the company has become the #1 choice for premium kitchen appliances.

Continually improving its products, Sub-Zero developed two new features for its refrigerators: enhanced lighting and an advanced air flow system. The new LED lighting system reduces shadows and adds light overhead, under each shelf, and in each crisper drawer, meaning that those yummy leftovers will never again languish in the corner. The intelligent cooling system optimizes the refrigeration environment by dividing the air flow, consistently maintaining the desired temperature to keep food fresh longer. The company tapped Catchword to develop names for the two offerings, along with an overall naming strategy for features..

ClearSight instantly expresses that this lighting system fully illuminates the fridge interior, enabling you to see exactly what you need. Split Climate also communicates its message quickly and directly. Both names sound clean and crisp as the inside of a new Sub-Zero refrigerator.

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Product Naming

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