Tagline development

Tagline development for Spalding

Spalding asked us to develop a tagline for their company. Key to their positioning was the notion that Spalding products perform exactly as they should. Basketballs have the touch you’d expect. Soccer balls float like they should. Volleyballs do whatever volleyballs are supposed to do. In other words, Spalding creates products that are authentic and true to the game. Swish.

The tagline has been a huge success. It perfectly sums up the company’s ethos, and appears as a lockup with the brand name on the company’s sporting goods, athletic apparel, website, and more. It’s inspired site copy (“We were true to the game before the game was invented.”), campaigns (“#TrueBelievers Are True to the Game”), and even a sweepstakes name. Swish, indeed.

Spalding – True to the Game

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