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Cryptocurrency mining (and AI, and scientific computing, and more) needs huge amounts of energy, which has led to an increase in damaging fossil fuel consumption. A new company was formed to solve this problem by creating the first blockchain infrastructure powered by its own private sustainable energy sources. With a flagship site in Morocco, powered entirely by wind, and a future network around the world, the company would transform the blockchain space—and other resource-intensive applications—by promoting clean practices that minimize damage to the environment and strain on power grids. Catchword was engaged to develop a name for this groundbreaking company.

A marriage of sol and luna (“sun” and “moon” in Latin), Soluna evokes human aspiration at its most fundamental—looking up at the great light in the sky. Little is as permanent as the sun and moon, yet their cycles indicate dynamism and the promise of reliable renewable energy day or night. The name recalls solution as well as una (one), suggesting the company’s all-in-one energy production and computer processing solution. The name conveys the brand’s warm personality and care for the planet, while its Latin base suggests expertise and sophistication. The consonant-vowel-consonant construction makes it easy for target audiences around the world to say and spell. As founder and CEO John Belizaire put it, “We chose Soluna because it tells our story the best.”

Finally, by focusing on the company’s vision rather than its offering, the name could successfully evolve with the brand, which it did. In 2021, the company reorganized, dividing the business into Harmattan, which manages the Morocco-based wind farm, and Soluna Computing, which develops green data centers by co-locating at energy sites powered by excess (curtailed) renewable energy.

Award Winner
Hermes Creative Awards, Gold, Brand Naming
Transform Awards, Bronze, Naming Strategy


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"Catchword actively listened to project needs, providing name choices that perfectly matched what the brand stands for. In the end, there were 85 viable options to choose from, all very original.”

John Belizaire | CEO, Soluna

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